Thursday, December 29, 2011

January 2012

On the Cover: Karen Mae P. Bustos, a senior student who won three different beauty titles in one year

Editor's Note

It has always been a dream of mine to have my own magazine someday. I always want to be a renowned writer or at the most renowned novelist just like one of the legends of today’s generation J.K. Rowlings the author of the epic series Harry Potter which I am a fan of. I have always dreamed of that and writing has always been my passion. I create literary articles during free time like short stories, poems and essays for my reflections. I once asked myself “what would it feel like to be a published and a famous writer?” I couldn’t give a direct reply to address such question for I haven’t experienced it yet, but one thing is certain I giggled after asking such question for myself. Since I don’t have the enough resources to publish my writings I found the net to be the venue for my writings to be saved [that was the first priority], to be published and eventually to be read.
I blogged and posts some of the things I have written both literary articles and commentaries on news most especially those that interest me in the world of stardom and fashion. I was blogging, [take note of the verb used “was”, which indicates an action done but never done again] but due to some circumstances I did not take it seriously and I eventually stopped.
As I was sitting on the porch of the house, I realized I was wasting so much time not doing anything and I recalled “Oh, I have a blog to attend to and I have a writing skill to be honed.” This time I am going to take my blogging to a whole new level. Only one word fits to describe it and that is “serious”. YES! I will take my blogging seriously.
In that connection I organized my blogs and united it as one. The five blogs which I have left unattended, is now linked to one homepage. I designed like a magazine type where there is a cover, archives [that will serve as table of contents], a head post that has the link of the five blogs respectively for the reader to be redirected to it. The words home, celebs n’ fashion, gadgets, snapshots, history and essays n stuff are the words that represent the blogs that serves as pages in my magblog. Home is linked to the homepage; celebs n’ fashion is linked to the blog that talks on Hollywood issues; gadgets to the newly released nokia phones; snapshots to the edited photos with quotes on it; history to the general knowledge; essays n’ stuff for my essays and the added page which I prefer to call friend’s corner where the person in the cover picture will be featured together with some other chosen people of mine to be included in that page.
2012 may have been named as the year of doom but I see it as a year of hope so I launch this BlogMag to welcome 2012. My cousin who is an aspirant model will be the first person to be on the cover of this BlogMag. The name “SQ! The Subway Quencher BlogMag” is a combination f the two terms that caught my attention when I was on my way to a friend’s house. I combined the subway and quencher and it sounded classy, catchy and edgy just like the nature of this BlogMag.
This is the start of a commitment that I will be committed to fulfill my duty as a writer to quench the thirst of my readers. I will blog.
Have Fun Reading!
Your Inspired Blogger